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ALTA SMILES provides high-quality, affordable orthodontic care that enables large employers to provide enhanced orthodontic benefits to their employees and dependents. This benefit is offered at no cost to the employer and is in addition to any applicable orthodontics coverage obtained through dental insurance.

A higher level of orthodontic care at ALTA SMILES™

  • Children and adults benefit from orthodontics. 70% of children would benefit, and adults make up 25% of the total orthodontic cases. 
  • We can reduce the cost of orthodontics for your employees by 20-50%. 
  • We provide a complete suite of orthodontic services. 
  • Our best-in-class bracket & wire treatment and innovative care delivery method (patent pending) provide exceptional and consistent results.
  • We handle all scheduling, medical forms, insurance verifications, etc.
  • We are open evenings and even Saturdays. That means your employees don’t need to miss work going to their orthodontic appointments (either for themselves or their dependents), and kids don’t need to miss school.
  • Our coverage map will be rapidly expanding.
  • Our patient experience is exceptionally pleasant and easy.
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